Municipality of Wrocław
Strategy and City Development Department
Plac Nowy Targ 1-8
Wroclaw PL-50141

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Łukasz Medeksza
Strategy and City Development Department

About Wrocław

The Wroclaw Metropolitan Area (WMA) is located in south-western Poland in Lower Silesian Voivodship near the border with Germany and the Czech Republic. Depending on delimitation it covers an area of ​​up to 44 communes and 9 counties with an area of ​​approx. 5000 km2 inhabited by 1.24 million people. WMA is not a formally defined area. The boundaries differ depending on the action for which they were set out. It more or less overlaps with the statistical region according to the EU NUTS3 classification (PL514, PL518). The WMA spatial structure consists of the core city of Wroclaw (643 000 inhabitants) and its external zone. The external zone includes the close area of ​​Wroclaw's suburbanization, the ring of satellite cities about 30 km away from it and the further ring of the villages and towns. The regular central and radial spatial arrangement of the agglomeration determines its functioning.