Vienna City Administration
Municipal Department Urban Development and Planning
Rathausstraße 14-16
A- 1082 Wien

Primary METREX contacts

Mag.a Pia Hlava
Head of Section Urban and Regional Development
Michael Rosenberger
Senior Expert

Major projects

  • Smart City
    With the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy which was adopted by the Vienna City Council in 2014, the City of Vienna has set quantitative and qualitative targets for a sustainable development of the city. Smart City Wien combines population increase with the greatest possible conservation of ressources. The focus is on the use of technological and social innovation while maintaining the highest quality of life for everybody.

  • Urban Development Plan 2025
    A strategic Document for developing the city for a growing population and preserving the high Quality of Living standards which Vienna is known for (see Mercier-Study-rankings)

  • Productive City
    Thematic concept of the Urban development Plan 2025 with more detailed planning-principles and local impacts for preserving production-areas and production zones within the urban boundaries.

  • CityCenters
    (just elaborating) another thematic concept of the Urban development Plan 2025; development of a system of vivid and functional City Centers deriving from the historial development fitting the demands of the existing and future citizens.

Planning issues

  • Monitoring of available Land (building sites) in respect of the construction needs to meet the demand of population-growth: 10.000 subsidised flats / Year (social housing program)

  • Urban Mobility: despite improving the public traffic and enhancing the environmently friendly traffic. What kind of impacts, needs and chances will bring „autonomous driving“ cars concerning the modal split (share of traffic modes) and the public space.

  • Productive City: supporting the productive sector remaining within the urban areas; mixed used building and areas (living and production).

  • City Centres: development of a system of vivid and functional City Centres; deriving from the historical development and fitting the demands of existing and future citizens.

  • Shopping malls and shopping Centres: how can retail (and even big scale-development) fit again to the City-centres; what impacts result from online-shopping and e-commerce?

  • Resilience and Climate-adoption: what measures can improve the resilience of the historic city and new build up areas.

  • Regional governance: Vienna as a city and also as one of the 9 countries of Austria cooperates with the neighbouring countries Lower Austria and Burgenland. Themes as regional traffic, settlement areas, green spaces and regional shopping centres by growing population need to be coordinated in this Metropolitan region. The Planning Association East (PGO) is an institutional approach of governance in the Metropolitan Agglomeration.

  • SUM (Urban/Suburban development management) Dialogue about common interests between the City of Vienna and the surrounding Communities and joint efforts for common planning approaches.