Mazovian Office for Regional Planning in Warsaw

Mazovian Office for Regional Planning in Warsaw
ul. Nowy Zjazd 1
00-301 Warszawa

Primary METREX contacts

Elzbieta Kozubek

Major projects

  • VC – Szlak Transportowy Via Carpatia.

  • D-AIR – Decarbonated Airport Regions – Niskoemisyjne Regiony Lotniskowe.

  • AirLED

  • YouInHerit

  • NSBCoRe

  • PLUS Change – Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity, climate and social objectives in a changing world

Planning issues

  • Sustainable development

  • Territorial cohesion

  • Urban renewal

  • Landscape protection and planning

  • Urban sprawl and suburbanisation

  • Development disparities between the metropolitan area and the rest of the region

  • Cooperation on the development of waterway E-40 between Warsaw and Gdańsk

  • Airports and the development of the AirportCity.

  • Functional areas and polycentricity

  • Air pollution