Primary METREX contacts

Georgetta Rafailova
Director, Sofiaplan

About Sofia

Sofiaplan is a municipal enterprise responsible for the spatial and strategic planning of Sofia Municipality. We have a multidisciplinary team of nearly 30 experts who work in active dialogue with various stakeholders, collect and analyse data on various aspects of the urban environment and municipal development, and make policy proposals to Sofia’s Municipal Council, the mayor, district mayors and the deputy mayors. Sofiaplan is the successor of Sofproect - OGP, established in 1997. Sofproect became Sofiaplan by a decision of the Sofia Municipal Council on September 10th 2020. Key projects of Sofiaplan are Vision for Sofia (a long-term strategy for development of Sofia Municipality until 2050), Plan of Sofia (the current General Urban Plan and its forthcoming renewal) and Program for Sofia (Integrated Municipal Development Plan 2021-2027). The company also develops plans, strategies and policies for the sustainable development of Sofia Municipality. See more of our projects here. Leading principles in Sofiaplan’s work are the provision of maximum transparency in the process of strategic and spatial planning and the creation of opportunities for participation of citizens and experts in an informed conversation about the future of the city. For these purposes we cooperate with various municipal structures, universities and researchers, industry, non-governmental and commercial organisations.