Intercommunity Development Iasi Metropolitan Area Association – IDIMAA

Bd. Tudor Vladimirescu nr.32, sc.B, et.3
Iasi municipality, Iasi county

Primary METREX contacts

Mr. Grigore Nepotu
General Manager
Mrs. Roxana Elena Gavril
Project Management Expert

About Intercommunity Development Iasi Metropolitan Area Association – IDIMAA

The Iasi metropolitan area is located in the central-eastern part of Iasi County in the North East region of Romania and it was established in 2004 from the desire of the local authorities to approach the development of the city of Iasi and the adjacent area in partnership. The Iasi Metropolitan Area (IMA) includes 28 members. Along with Iasi County, the Iasi Metropolitan Area includes 27 localities, of which the municipality of Iasi and 26 communes. The Intercommunity Development Iasi Metropolitan Area Association (IDIMAA) can carry out projects in various fields, for the development of the metropolitan area and in the interest of its citizens, such as: cultural, environment, sports, educational, social, mobility, digitalization, tourism and metropolitan development. The Iasi Metropolitan Area has 1,443.15 km2 and 600.279 inhabitants. The motivation of the integrated approach to the development in the Iasi Metropolitan Area lies in the possibility of better management and valorization of existing resources, in the correlation of the implementation of projects, in the development of accessibility and integrated equipment of metropolitan localities, in the provision of high-quality public services for citizens, in balancing and increasing the pace of economic development, in developing the performance of metropolitan public administrations.