Città Metropolitana di Genova

Piazzale Mazzini, 2
16122 GENOVA

Image of Genova dexmac from Pixabay

Primary METREX contacts

Responsible of the Europe Office
Cristiana ARZÀ
Responsible for the Strategic Planning Office

About Città Metropolitana di Genova

The Metropolitan City of Genoa (Italian: Città Metropolitana di Genova) is one of the fourteen Metropolitan cities of Italy, located in the region of Liguria. Its capital is the city of Genoa. It was first created by the reform of local authorities (Law 142/1990) and then established by the Law 56/2014. It has been operative since January 1, 2015. It counts 67 Municipalities for a total area of 710.12 sq mi and a population of about 862,175 inhabitants. Since 2017 (for 5 years) the Metropolitan Mayor is Marco Bucci. The Metropolitan City is headed by the Metropolitan Mayor (Sindaco metropolitano) and by the Metropolitan Council (Consiglio metropolitano).