Metropolregion Nürnberg

Nuremberg Metropolitan Region
Theresienstrasse 9
D-90403 Nuremberg

Image of Nürnberg copyright: © 2009 Ralf Schedlbauer/Stadt Nürnberg

Primary METREX contacts

Dr. Christa Standecker
Managing Director

About Metropolregion Nürnberg

Major projects

  • Urban-rural partnership-projects (MORO- model regions in Federal Government project):

    – Domestic tourism (local wanderlust)
    – Transport networking in the region
    – Clusters in rural areas
    – Cross-border cooperation
    – Science in the Nuremberg European Metropolitan Region
    – Education management
    – Initiative for the promotion of regional products
    – Fairtrade and sustainable public procurement
    – Regional product-specific land management in urban-rural partnerships

  • Cluster projects: Field of competence with special emphasis on:

    – Model for Sustainable Growth and Employment (WaBe)
    – Energy and environment
    – Medical valley Nuremberg Metropolitan Region
    – Traffic and Transportation

  • ReProLa – Regionally Specific Land Management in Urban-Rural Partnerships:


    Economic growth, demographic developments, and changing lifestyles result in an increased competition regarding land use. Focusing on the production of regional agricultural goods, helps increase regional value, improve the quality of resources, and ameliorate urban-rural conflicts regarding land use.

    Goals and Approach

    With the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region functioning as an example, ReProLa connects land management and the production as well as marketing of regional agricultural goods. It establishes land use monitoring in order to identify changes in land use and the driving forces behind them. Thereby, ReProLa systematically records the relevance of specific land, environmental impacts, and regional increase in value of regional products. It also investigates potentials with regard to employment and added value creation. ReProLa’s goal is to improve the decision-making process concerning land management on a municipal level and to preserve land for the production of regional goods.

    Expected Results and Transfer

    The urban-rural partnership initiates a dialogue, which seeks to improve management structures for regional land management in the project region. ReProLa develops and operationalizes a governance structure that relies heavily on inter-municipal participation. ReProLa will distribute the results achieved in the project region and the Board of German Metropolitan Regions via pilot schemes in the contexts of consciousness raising, logistics, valorization of artificial landscapes, and monitoring tools.