Città Metropolitana di Napoli

Città Metropolitana di Napoli
Area Pianificazione Territoriale, Urbanistica
Sviluppo – Valorizzazione e Tutela Ambientale
Direzione Pianificazione Territoriale Urbanistica
Via Don Bosco 4f - 80141 Napoli

Primary METREX contacts

Valeria Vanella
Giacomo Ariete
Chief of Spatial Planning Department
Mariarosaria Albano

Major projects

  • PTC (Spatial Co-ordination Plan) has a double role in the planning system: it rules the guidelines for municipalities plans and it also plays an implementation role of its own policies and programs.

  • Implementation projects for 12 programme areas, one of the most important implementation tool of the PTC.

  • PSO – Strategic and implementation plan for the Vesuvio area (volcanic area)

  • Museo Diffuso – Geodatabase for cultural heritage of the Metropolitan City of Naples

Planning issues

  • Re-articulation and valorisation of the urban system in a polycentrical network

  • Preservation and valorisation of the local cultural and natural heritage and environment

  • Development of local transportation network and improvement of integrated transportation hubs