Torino 2000

2000 , Torino

11–14 May 2000, hosted by the Provincia di Torino and held in the Torino Conference Centre and the Palazzo Cisterna. Theme – Quality of Metropolitan Regions in the new Millennium. The PolyMETREX project concept, comprising 7 broad inter-regional balancing zones, was established from a suggestion by our President Prof.ssa Mercedes Bresso.

  • A Northern Parallel running from London and Paris to Berlin and including the Rhine-Ruhr area
  • A Rhine corridor running south west from the Randstad to Zurich and München
  • A Southern Parallel stretching from Lisbon through Barcelona, Marseille and Milano to Budapest
  • An Elbe-Danube Corridor running south west from Berlin to Budapest
  • A Northern Isles area covering the UK and Ireland
  • The Baltic Palette covering the metropolitan areas of the Baltic sea
  • The Archimed area covering the metropolitan areas of the southern Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Aegean seas.