Braga 2023

22-25 October 2023 , Braga

Framing Metropolitan Cohesion Policies: Exploring Urban-Rural Partnerships

Exploring Urban-Rural Partnerships

Metropolitan regions and areas in Europe represent over 100 million inhabitants. They contribute the metropolitan dimension to policies, programmes and projects on a European scale by bringing urban and rural areas together.

It is this approach that inspires our forthcoming Autumn Conference. We will use the conference to learn about and discuss the Cohesion Policy and urban-rural partnerships, and how metropolitan regions and areas are best-in-place to deliver the collaborations necessary for mutual benefits. For this, we will learn from METREX Members in Portugal, as well as other international examples from across the network.

An important element in the conference will be how the Rural Vision and Pact could be translated into concrete measures, not only within the CIM Cávado area, but also elsewhere in Europe.