Wrocław 2023

23-26 April 2023 , Wrocław

A Metropolitan answer to current crises in Europe: Rethinking resources, demography, resilience

A Metropolitan answer to current crises in Europe:
Rethinking resources, demography, resilience

Wrocław Conference 2023

The Spring 2023 Conference took place in Wrocław, Poland.

With ongoing crises in climate and energy, demography and migration, war and security, it is easiest for Europe’s policy-makers and practitioners to revert to familiar and trusted solutions.

But we can’t; things have irrevocably changed. So how do we deal with continuous instability? How do we instill greater resilience? Moreover, how do we nurture the conditions in which to thrive?

The Spring 2023 Conference in Wrocław dealt with such issues.

More on the theme…

TIME magazine dubbed “polycrisis” as the buzzword of this year’s Davos event, which it said “describes the simultaneous and overlapping crises facing the world today: a health crisis, a mounting climate crisis, a war in Europe, an inflation shock, democratic dysfunction, and much more”.

In Europe, Brexit and its consequences were considered the first crisis, a symptom of rising EU-scepticism, nationalism and populism. Further shocks followed in what seemed like quick succession, from the ever-mounting threats to the environment and ongoing impact of migration on European unity, to the existential threat of Covid-19 and future pandemics challenging Europe’s enshrined freedom of movement.

Fast-forward 18 months and as Europeans began to believe an end to the pandemic was nigh, the continent’s leaders are tested again as Russia invades Ukraine, raging the biggest war on the continent since World War Two, and putting further strain on the European social fabric and economy, as inflation reaches 30-year highs on the back of a war-fueled energy crisis.

National politics, too, is changing. Budgets are increasingly being re-centralised, leading a squeezed layer of municipal government with the dilemma of how to maintain their position as subjects of ambitious initiatives and policies on local and metropolitan levels.

At the METREX Spring Conference in Wrocław, we will discuss the possibilities of acting on the metropolitan level in these new, difficult circumstances. But we don’t want to only talk. We also want to create. That’s why parallel to our conference, workshops will be set up where young people, led by experts, will try to shape ideas for the future of two or three chosen places in Wrocław.

The conference will also be an occasion to present what’s going on in Polish and Central European metropolitan areas, in the fields of spatial planning, and strategic thinking and doing.

But returning to the “polycrisis” – we’re very much concerned about the future of Europe. Our solution is to strengthen the metropolitan level, across the continent. As METREX, together with our sister organisations including EMA, we’re planning to promote the metropolitan agenda more actively on the EU level.

We believe that a stronger network of metropolitan areas and regions can be the real backbone of Europe. But we are aware that this is not obvious for everyone, even at the highest levels of the EU. For that reason, we are working on a Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050. At the Wrocław conference presented the document and discuss the chances of turning it into European action.

Feature image of Wroclaw by Maciek Lulko

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