Szczecin 2015

2015 , Szczecin

9–11 September 2015 hosted by West Pomerania Region, with support from METREX, the City of Szczecin and the City of Świnoujście. Held at the Stara Rzeźnia (Cultural Center Euroregion The Old Slaughterhouse).

Theme – Metropolis for people – people for metropolis.

The West Pomerania Day opened with detailed presentations on the positioning of the Szczecin Metropolitan Area in the European metropolitan network. It continued with consideration of functional areas within the West Pomeranian Region. The afternoon included a walking tour around Lasztownia (the islands in central Szczecin, between the West and East Oder river) and a study visit to the natural and cultural environment of Szczecin, as seen from the waterside.

The METREX Day opened with an extended discussion on the Sociology of Metropolis including the quality of life in European metropolitan areas and regions, actual trends, threats and challenges and a diagnosis.

A World Café, with four Panels on The Quality of Life in Metropolis, Social Engagement, Metropoly game and its actors and Local governments’ cooperation concluded the morning session. In the afternoon there was an open Debate on key questions for Metropolis with a panel of invited guests.