Marseille 2012

2012 , Marseille

30 May–1 June 2012, hosted by agAM Marseille Urban Area Town Planning Agency, Marseille Provence Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIMP), City of Marseille, Marseille Provence Metropole (Marseille Provence Collectivity), Marseille Fos Port Authority and Euromediterranee Urban Development Agency. Held at the Marseille Provence Metropole – Le Pharo.

Theme – Renewal and Regeneration – The Marseille/ Provence Territory.

The Conference began with an overview of the metropolitan area – a multipolar territory and its governance. Three flagship projects reflected the renewal dynamics in Marseille. A presentation of the wider Mediterranean dimension was followed by Knowledge Day Workshops, on the 2011 Athens Conference model, on Urban Regeneration and Realising the potential of Culture and Tourism.