Szczecin 2006

2006 , Szczecin

27–30 September 2006, hosted by the Municipality of Szczecin and held in the SAS Radisson hotel.

Theme – The State of Practice: the body of knowledge. Looking back: Looking forward.

METREX and the Municipality of Szczecin, in association with the European Commission (DG Regio) invited practitioners in European spatial planning and development (politicians, officials and their advisers) to Szczecin to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of METREX through a review of the State of Practice: the body of knowledge: Looking back: Looking forward.

The objective was to exchange experience, information, knowledge, expertise and understanding on the key issues facing European metropolitan regions and areas today and in the future.

The Conference drew on the body of knowledge within METREX and reflected on the achievements of the Network over the past decade: Looking back: and the challenges for the coming decade: looking forward. The intention was to provide a milestone event at which practitioners could draw on the wider European State of Practice to improve the effectiveness of the practice in their own metropolitan regions and areas.

The Conference enabled METREX to formulate its programme for the coming decade on a well-informed basis.

The METREX 10th Anniversary Conference was something of an experiment, with two open space sessions on the Thursday and Friday afternoons. Open Space is a means of enabling productive conversations between colleagues to explore and develop collective thinking about issues of common interest.