Stockholm 2003

2003 , Stockholm

17–20 September 2003, hosted by Stockholm City Council and Stockholm County Council and held in the Ersta Conference Centre, Stockholm.

Themes – Traffic growth and congestion, Polycentricity taking examples from the Baltic Sea area and northern Italy, and the work of the ESPON’s focal point in Sweden, Nordregio.

The Meeting considered the new regional development plan for Stockholm Region and Case Studies of the Stockholm and London approaches to congestion charging. Aspects of polycentricity were considered in relation to Emilia- Romagna. Presentations were contributed from St.Petersburg and the Baltic Palette. Stuttgart reported back on a survey that had been conducted, through the METREX Network, of practice in the acquisition of sites for Trade Fairs as public infrastructure.

Stuttgart had faced difficulties in establishing that Trade Fairs meet a public need that may necessitate the acquisition of sites in the public interest. The survey supported the Stuttgart case, which was successfully pursued through the Courts.