Madrid 2006

2006 , Madrid

02–06 May 2006, hosted by the Comunidad de Madrid and held in the Palacio Municipal de Congresos.

Theme – Planning and development of Metropolitan Capital Regions – to define, by means of a series of keynote addresses by international leaders in the field and through comparative studies of examples of good practice, the current status of the Spatial Planning of Metropolitan Capital Regions, as well as to inspire and further its progress.

The aim of the conference was to provide a unique opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experience on a subject that affects metropolitan regions and areas all over the world, as well as to guide the decision-making process and the implementation of strategies on an effective basis.

The conference was conceived and promoted by the Comunidad de Madrid, in association with METREX, and formed part of the METREX 10th Anniversary programme. It was attended by over 700 delegates from across the world and was described by Professor Sir Peter Hall, the conference patron, as the most significant event of its kind that he had been associated with.

Over 20 practitioners of international standing, from representative global Metropolitan Capital Regions and Cities, gathered in Madrid for a high level comparative analysis and assessment of the problems and opportunities of present day metropolitan areas from the perspective of the environment, the economy and society.

The three days of the conference featured addresses on the state of the art, with each one being followed by two relevant practical case studies and, subsequently, by moderated forums to clarify and explore issues of interest. Case studies included the European Union, Paris, London, Øresund, Milan, Vancouver, Seoul, San Francisco, Bogota, Curitiba and Madrid.

The conference patron, Professor Sir Peter Hall, gave the opening and closing keynote addresses to set the context for the conference and also to summarise its outcomes. The conference proceedings have been published by the Comunidad de Madrid in book form and as a DVD.