Krakow 1997

1997 , Krakow

25–26 September 1997 hosted by and held at the Urzad Miasta Krakówa.

Krakow was a former capital of Poland and the city retains a rich cultural heritage. The conference included a study visit to Nowa Huta, a huge industrial legacy from the times of the Soviet Union based around the Sendzimira steelworks. The study visit continued the METREX interest in planning for economic change, with a particular focus on regeneration. The second METREX open dialogue was held to brainstorm options to the future of Nowa Huta and, subsequently, a case study report was presented to the Urzad Miasta Krakówa. There were METREX Working Group presentations by Athens, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Regione Lazio, the Provincia di Torino and Regione Lombardia.