Gipuzkoa – San Sebastián 2004

2004 , San Sebastian

05–08 May 2004, hosted by Eurocity Basque/Eurociudad Vasca Bayonne-San Sebastián and held in the Palacio Miramar.

Theme – Cross-border areas.

The meeting focused on issues of polycentric and cross border metropolitan planning and governance. Pais Vasco/Eurocity Basque provided a model case study, and the spatial plan for Napoli was presented. Colleagues from the European Commission (DG Regio), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Council for Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), the Association des Communautés Urbaines de France and the UK Core Cities group, which share these interests, contributed their views. The Meeting provided helpful inputs to the PolyMETREXplus project.

The EESC Own Opinion on European Metropolitan areas, which shares many of the objectives of METREX, was presented and discussed, and Stuttgart undertook to progress a joint initiative to promote the metropolitan dimension in Europe.