Copenhagen 2001

2001 , Copenhagen

04–06 October 2001, hosted by the Øresund Committee and held in the Royal School of Architecture.

The InterMETREX pilot project reached its conclusion and introduced the concept of ladders of effectiveness, comprising a range of steps leading from minimum to best practice in metropolitan spatial planning and development, under the headings of Competence, Capability and Process.

The Prospectus for the InterMETREX and PolyMETREX projects under INTERREG IIIC was considered.

The InterMETREX project is essentially about making spatial planning and development practice within metropolitan regions and areas as effective as possible, whereas PolyMETREX is concerned with the development of beneficial relationships between the metropolitan areas of Europe.

A second meeting of the Expert Group on Planning for Major Events considered the preparations for the Zaragoza International Expo bid for 2008 and the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics and also the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics.