URBI 2030

Add your support to a forthcoming Green Deal application: URBI 2030

METREX is to participate in a Green Deal 1-2 application ‘Towards Climate-Neutral and Socially Innovative Cities’ – Members are encouraged to consider writing in support of this bid.

Project concept
The so-called URBI 2030 project will support the systemic transformation towards climate neutrality of cities, focusing on the technological, non-technological and social innovation aspects and new AI-based solutions.

URBI 2030 will focus on co-creating the tools and methodologies (the “roadmaps”) needed by the cities engaged in the “Mission 100 Climate-Neutral European Cities by 2030, by and with the citizens”, together with the provision of support services (one-stop-shop services and coaching) in their transition to climate-neutrality.

URBI 2030 will set-up the space for knowledge exchange, learning-by-doing and real-life experimentation, thus facilitating the removal of barriers and the navigation in the complexity. URBI 2030 project is synchronised and connected to the mission.

URBI 2030 will capitalise on existing research and innovation and valorise the available knowledge and tools. The tools developed will be validated and further evolved in 20-30 pilots selected through open calls and in the cities committed in the mission and will evolve in an iterative process.

How to support the application
To support METREX and our partners in this application, we invite Members to confirm in writing their interest in the potential replicable products and outputs of the project, and even the possibility of becoming one of the pilot projects linked to the funding.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Henk Bouwman, Secretary General, on henk.bouwman@eurometrex.org.

To support this application:
Please download a copy of the support form (.docx)
Complete the support form and return this to Stephen Gallagher (stephen.gallagher@eurometrex.org)
Please return the form by 8 January 2021
Thank you in advance for your support