Sustainable Freight in the Metropolitan Regions: last Mile solutions for the Metropolitan City of Milan 2023

5-6 October 2023 , Milan

Last Mile logistic systems’ solutions for the Metropolitan City of Milan will be at the earth of the final appointment of a three-step METREX Atelier to inform the Metropolitan City of Milan’s new sustainable freight transport plan (PULS) and share mutual learning from across Europe.
Following two online meetings held in May and July this year, this workshop event will take place in Milan on 5-6 October. 

According to the European Commission, “the recovery from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic” – and from the war in Ukraine, we should add – “should be used to accelerate the decarbonisation and modernisation of the entire transport and mobility system, limiting its negative impact on the environment and improving the safety and health of our citizens”. 
The twin green and digital transitions should reshape the sector, redraw connectivity and re-energise the economy. The sustainable European transport system that the EU strives for must be smart, flexible and adaptable to ever-changing transport patterns and needs, based on cutting-edge technological advancements. 

The context
Milan lies along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, one of nine European Core Network Corridors, which together form the most important part of Europe’s infrastructure network. It runs from north to south, connecting the North Sea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to the Mediterranean basin in Genoa, via Switzerland and some of the major economic centres of the EU. 
The Rhine-Alpine Corridor is the busiest in Europe and contains very innovative regions that actively engage in the shift to sustainable transport. Therefore, the partners are aiming at making the corridor carbon neutral seeking for safer, more reliable and efficient “last mile” logistic systems.

It is in this context that the Metropolitan City of Milan has produced a draft Metropolitan Sustainable Transport Plan (PULS), which involves the participation of municipalities, trade associations and other stakeholders. The plan is linked directly to the wider strategic plan for the metropolitan city and aims to understand and identify measures for more effective and sustainable management. 

The goal of the workshop
Following the two online meetings held in May and July this year aiming at setting the context, share case studies and address mutual challenges, this final appointment will serve to present the updated version of PULS resulting from this collaborative process in dialogue with European cases showcasing best practices and highlight the importance of sustainable freight transport for sustainable urban environments. 


Program in a nutshell
  • October 5 (15:00 – 18:00)
    Venue: Palazzo Isimbardi
    From the Birth of the Plan to International Exchange
    Note: For international guests, the event will be followed by a networking dinner which will end at 8:30 PM.
  • October 6 (10:00 – 14:00)Venue: MIND Cascina Triulza – Conference Hall «Social Innovation Academy»
    Milan’s Logistic Region: From Inter-modality to the Last Mile
    Note: For those interested, the conclusion of the light lunch (14:00)    will be followed by a 1 hour study visit of MIND area
Program available here

More info about the workshop at Città Metropolitana di Milano

Practical info
All METREX members are welcome. To register and ask for information, please contact Stephen Gallagher at or Viviana Rubbo at