How can the donut economy model be used for spatial planning at metropolitan and regional level? 2022

15 September - 2022 , Online

Metropolitan Climate Challenge Expert Group Meeting

10:00-11.30 CET, Online

The webinar is an activity of the METREX Expert Group on Metropolitan Climate Challenge. All METREX Members are welcome to join.

The expert group highlights the need for rapid and transformative societal changes for a climate transition. The doughnut economics model developed by Kate Raworth is increasingly used by ambitious cities and regions who want to drive transformative and holistic transformations in their cities to reach social and environmental sustainability goals.

The basic principle of doughnut economics is to focus on meeting the needs of all people within the means of the planet. In the webinar, we start to explore how the doughnut economics model, and the tools developed for cities and regions by the non-profit organisation Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), can help us formulate new questions and ideas towards making our cities both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Leonora Grcheva, the Cities and Regions lead at DEAL, will tell us about the doughnut economics model, share examples of how it has been used in cities and metropolitan areas around the world, and explain some of the tools that DEAL has developed for cities and regions.

Hannele Tiitto from the Regional Council of Tampere region (Finland) will tell how and why they have used the model as a basis for their regional development plan.

You can already learn more about how forerunner cities and regions are using the doughnut at the Doughnut Economics Action Lab website.

If you have any questions (or have not yet joined but want to join this Expert Group), please contact Liisa Perjo