Archive / InterMETREXplus Project

InterMETREXplus involved an extension to the InterMETREX project to enable 4 partners to pilot the application of the Greenhouse Gas Regional Inventory Project (GRIP) model at the metropolitan level.

GRIP was conceived and developed through the Tyndall Centre (UK) for climate change research. The outcome was an addition to the Benchmark to address the issue of climate change. 24-26 April 2013, hosted by Glasgow City Council and the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Strategic Development and Planning Authority and held at the Burrell Collection.

Theme – The Metropolitan Dimension – The state of the Union. The Conference opened with a full presentation of planning in Scotland, from the National, metropolitan (5 Scottish city regions) and local levels (Glasgow City Council). These were followed by a moderated Open Forum. The Keynote Address was given by Professor Klaus Kunzmann on the Metropolitan Dimension in Europe. It was followed by presentations from the exemplars of the Metropolitan Dimension in Germany, Ile-de-France, Berlin-Brandenburg, Amsterdam and Moscow. The METREX publication The Metropolitan Dimension to European Affairs was a companion to the Conference. The published Conference Proceedings set a new direction for METREX in integrating presentation transcriptions and Powerpoints.