A Manifesto for a Metropolitan Europe 2050

Europe is confronted by unprecedented social and physical change. From climate adaptation to energy production, productivity to inequality, the challenges we face seem insurmountable.

Prompted by an invitation from EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform Elisa Ferreira to rethink our approaches to these issues, METREX is developing a uniquely metropolitan-level solution to a prosperous, safe and sustainable Europe going forward.

Our response began with a Mission Statement on how METREX can help our network of metropolitan regions and areas in overcoming these huge challenges. During this process, it was made clear that the metropolitan level already plays a significant role in determining positive economic, social and physical outcomes.

However, it was also evident that national governments and the European Commission are unprepared to mobilise the metropolitan level as an equal partner in solving these challenges.

A metropolitan vision for Europe 2050

METREX believes it is high time for the metropolitan level to show how we deliver on Europe’s commitments to science, business, society and the environment. Our ultimate goal is to secure an appropriate share in decision-making and in funding at EU and national levels.

Together with representatives from EMA and Metropolis, as well as our respective communities, we will explore and develop a vision on our position and role that will enable us to come with concrete solutions addressing the current and future common challenges.

Roundtable discussions

Through a series of three roundtable discussions, focused on the scientific community, industry, and politicians, we will explore what a metropolitan Europe might look like, including the obstacles, opportunities and alternatives.

We will be joined at each roundtable by two writers, who will capture and synthesise the discussions into what will become a first draft. This draft will then be shared with METREX members for comment towards the end of 2023. Our aim is to have the vision finalised by spring 2023 to coincide with the EU’s next budget period.

For more information on how you can get involved and support the Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050, please contact Stephen Gallagher.

Photo by Igor Flek on Unsplash