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The Strategic Urban Region Eurodelta (SURE) Network is a collaboration between small and medium-sized cities and greater metropolitan areas in the river delta from the Rhine, Scheldt and Meuse.

The SURE Eurodelta Network has since 2018 been a part of the METREX network, and offers an active platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and projects among practitioners in the field of economics, sustainability and spatial planning.
Through this network, we explore new ways to achieve harmonious economic, social, and territorial development.

The Eurodelta

Approximately 45 million people live in the highly urbanized region known as The Eurodelta, covering parts of France, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. With a vibrant economy and its strategic location, the region has the potential to become one of the world’s most developed and sustainable megaregions.
That’s why the SURE Eurodelta Network was created; to seek cross border cooperation within the European Network of Metropolitan Regions and to contribute towards stronger partnerships among cities and regions within the Eurodelta and beyond. By focusing on exploring opportunities for the region and knowledge exchange with members of the METREX Network, the network explores how cooperation in the Eurodelta region can benefit all inhabitants.

SURE Eurodelta Secretariat

For enquiries about joining the SURE network or taking part in the activities, please contact the Secretariat, currently hosted by the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam.

Erik Pasveer
Dagmar Keim
Najat Azogagh
Mirte Kortbeek
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