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The METREX SURE Eurodelta Network constitutes a broad network and contributes to stronger partnership between the cities and regions in the Eurodelta. The SURE Eurodelta Network has since 2018 been a part of the METREX network, and has an active platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and projects on the European scale.

The SURE Eurodelta Expert Group will focus on working together on the transnational level and developing collaborative agendas and projects.

The SURE Eurodelta Network consists of spatial experts from the urban regions of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Northern France. The SURE Expert Group is for members of the METREX network, but the Expert Group also co-operates with cities that are not (yet) members of the METREX network. This applies particularly to the cities within Europe that are within three-hours travel time from the centre of the urban region Eurodelta. This narrative shows a spatial-economic perspective of the collaborative power within the Eurodelta.

The SURE Eurodelta Network first met at the 2018 METREX conference in San Sebastian. Since then the discussion has carried on with further meetings during the METREX Conferences.

The Eurodelta

The Eurodelta area includes around 45 million people who by and large have access to a high quality of life, excellent centres of knowledge and culture, employment and governments that are relatively stable. However, it is important that the cities and regions within this area work together to compete at a global level and maintain the positive attributes.

Areas of focus

This Expert Group will explore the following areas of collaboration:

  • Network
  • Combined / collaborative Research
  • Shared agendas
  • Shared projects
  • Joint financing
  • Communication
  • Shared focus on the next generation
  • Circular and knowledge economy
  • International and regional mobility
  • Spatial and infrastructural development
  • Contribution to the goals of the Green Deal

SURE Eurodelta Secretariat

Erik Pasveer
Dagmar Keim
Najat Azogagh

[email protected]

Image of The Hague by Frans Berkelaar via Flickr

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