The Economic Expert Group is focused on the evolution of employment location within large metropolitan areas and the impact of urban planning.

The aim of this group is to bring elements of knowledge and understanding about the tendencies underway concerning the localisation of economic activities among the respective metropolitan areas represented. It is also to share practices in terms of analysis or concerning the conception of strategies, planning and policies concerning economic development.

Planning for industry: Conditions for a return to productive activity in metropolitan areas

L’Institut Paris Region has produced the report ‘Conditions for a return to productive activity in metropolitan areas’ as a result of the EconoMETREX Expert Group.

Re-industrialisation has been at the heart of EU and French economic strategy for the past decade or so. However productive activity, which also includes logistics and self-employed trades, is struggling to maintain its place in metropolitan areas and is being increasingly pushed out. Initiatives launched in France and across Europe over recent years demonstrate a desire to reverse this trend: a desire that is likely to strengthen due to the health crisis. View the report here

Key contact

Thierry Petit
L’Institut Paris Region

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