A-RING – Alpine Research and Innovation Capacity Governance

METREX was an Observer on the A-RING project, which ran between 2019 and 2022.

The A-RING (Alpine Research and Innovation Capacity Governance) project ended on 30th June 2022, but its extensive work towards the harmonization of a multilevel governance in the Alpine Region has been contributing to create key conditions to better exploit synergies between strategic sectors and R&I actors.

It produced instruments to overcome regional challenges, matching specific value chains and capabilities related to different areas of competence in S3/RIS and enhancing capacity building of Alpine Region Public Authorities. In particular, the project delivered the following documents:

  • A Blueprint for for the Alpine Region Research and Innovation Agenda, a strategic element to ensure strong focus in R&I strategic positioning, defining a unique approach with prioritization of R&I topics of Alpine relevance through participatory approach ensuring ownership, on which transnational synergic and complementary collaboration across triple helix has to be activated.
  • Policy Briefs as an implementation tool to anticipate and fast track the regulations for joint S3 approach. This document, based on pilot testing in A-RING, is able to guide Public Authorities in activation of a transnational governance with recommendations on policy options and collaborative steps in formulating and influencing a common S3.
  • An Alpine R&I Chart, as supportive tool for set up of the Alpine cooperation structure using an interdisciplinary approach and supporting multilevel governance.

For more details about A-RING project outputs, download our digital publications and go through the materials available on the project website: https://www.alpine-space.org/projects/a-ring/en/home

Photo by Andrea Ferrario on Unsplash