Manifesto Feedback

Calling on Members and partners to give feedback for the next stages of the Manifesto

At the recent Wrocław Conference we presented our draft Manifesto for a Metropolitan Europe. The process, which started over a year ago to create a metropolitan ‘vision’ for Europe, has landed as a 12-point Manifesto calling for the European Commission and national governments to give greater value to the metropolitan level.

The Wrocław Conference was an opportunity to trial the Manifesto in front of Members. While the feedback was positive, there is still work to make the Manifesto ready for Members to seek political endorsement.

Our next stop will be a discussion event with MEPs at the Urban Intergroup at the European Parliament in June.

Before we reach this milestone, we would like your feedback on these areas:

1. Structure of the document

2. General content

3. The 12-point Manifesto

4. An indication if you would actively seek political endorsement of the Manifesto

Łukasz Medeksza, METREX Managing Committee Member, introduces the Manifesto at the Wrocław Conference (25 April 2023)

How to give your feedback

Deadline 22 May at 12:00 CEST

Step 1

Read the draft Manifesto.
This is the document presented at the Wrocław Conference in April. It is the document that we wish to have your feedback on.
Download Manifesto (PDF)

Step 2

Download the “White Paper”
The White Paper is a synthesis of all the comments, discussions, ideas and feedback that have taken place in the name of the Manifesto (or Vision, as it was known previously). We are not seeking feedback on this document; rather, we share it to help with some context.
Download White Paper (PDF)

Step 3

Watch the Manifesto presentation
Near the top of this page there is a film from the Wrocław Conference of a presentation by Łukasz Medeksza, who explains the Manifesto. The film is also available here.

Step 4

Send your comments
Please send comments directly to Stephen Gallagher.

Programme to Launch

The roadmap below shows how and when you as Members and supporters of METREX can engage with the final steps before we launch the Manifesto in September this year.

Phase 1
Deadline 22 May 2023

Feedback on Manifesto
The Manifesto and “white paper” are shared with Members and partners for electronic comment. This is your chance to share the Manifesto internally with decision-makers, politicians, other departments, etc. Please send comments directly to Stephen Gallagher.

Phase 2
23 May to 20 June

Writing team
Reflecting on and incorporating comments from Members in advance of an event with MEPs at the Urban Intergroup.

Phase 3
27 Jun, 9-11:00 CEST, Brussels

Discussion at the European Parliament Urban Intergroup
The Manifesto will be discussed at a meeting of the Urban Intergroup at the European Parliament, led by the Urban Intergroup’s President, Jan Olbrycht MEP.

Phase 4
31 July – 15 August

Writing team
Feedback from MEPs will be incorporated, and the Manifesto will be finalised.

Phase 5
21 Aug – 15 Sep

The Manifesto will be designed for print and web versions.

Phase 6
21 Sep tbc, Brussels

Public Launch of the Manifesto
Please make a note of this date and stand ready for an invitation for you and your political leaders! This is our best opportunity to bring the network together to stand by the Manifesto.

Phase 7
September onwards

Campaign begins
After the launch we will begin phase two which will be to promote the Manifesto publicly, to meet with the necessary people, and work with Members to communicate it internally.

Need help or guidance?
If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of seeking comments or communicating them back to METREX, please contact Stephen Gallagher.