Urban Economy Forum 4

3-4 October 2022 , Toronto and Online

The Urban Economy Forum will host its fourth annual conference, UEF4, an important venue for the financial institutions, economic organizations, urban practitioners and stakeholders, city leaders, and, academia, to participate in an open dialogue on Sustainable Urban Development with a focus on urban economy. In addition, it will be a venue for brainstorming, networking, and making vital connections that can lead to new initiatives, research and funding.

Including governmental organizations in the level of decision makers, including but not limited to; office of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Global Solution of UN-Habitat and other UN agencies, members of parliament, mayors and councilors, CEOs of banks and financial institutions, presidents and academic members of universities, private sector and NGOs, and community members from Canada and all over the world.

The main themes of the UEF4 are as follows:

A. Cities, Financial Institutions, and Sustainable Urban Finance / Exploring Theoretical Concepts

B. Cities and Climate Financing

C. Emerging Financial Models and Technologies

D. Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Urban Development

UEF welcomes you to join on 3-4 October 2022, either virtually or physically from 09:00-17:00 (Canada Eastern Time). Buy tickets online here