Translating the Green Deal into local action 2024

15 March - 2024 , Brussels

Conference for local and regional leaders from the Belgian Presidency

Conference for local and regional leaders from the Belgian Presidency

Are you a European mayor who is ‘fit for 55’? Then we welcome you to join us on 15 March 2024 in Brussels, together with 550 other local and regional leaders. This conference on Translating the Green Deal into Local Action is held during the Belgian EU presidency. This is the perfect moment right before the EU elections to send a clear message to European policymakers for the post-2024 era. Just like you, we believe that the local level should be embedded in the heart of the Green Deal because it has the power to mobilize. It’s time to let the mayors speak!

The conference aims to highlight the way forward for the implementation of the EU Green Deal. What we need is a new multilevel governance framework, with bridges between the EU initiatives and more direct funding solutions. Be inspired during the conference by the best practices across Europe and share your own. Experience in-depth sessions with experts from the local to the European level. Share a glass with other local leaders while building strong connections for the future.

Post-2024 recommendations
At the conference, the Committee of the Regions will formally hand over the Declaration of European local and regional leaders to Alexander De Croo (Prime Minister of Belgium). This Declaration with a clear set of recommendations and signed by 550 mayors and regional leaders from across Europe will be very powerful. To make sure our voices are heard, we are welcoming you to the heart of the EU: the Hemicycle of the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

Flemish inspiration
The inspiration behind this conference is the Flemish Local Energy and Climate Pact (LECP). The LECP translates abstract and long-term goals into tangible targets that everyone can relate and contribute to. We want to share our experience and learn from similar initiatives elsewhere in Europe so everyone can extrapolate these no-regret measures to fit their local context.

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