The Future Design of Streets 2023 2023

15 March - 2023 , Online

18:00-19:30 CET

METREX takes part in this forthcoming conference on the future of street design, which links to our Expert Group “From Roads to Streets”.

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Holly Lewis
Rodrigo Coelho
Jasmijn Lodder

Streets are important spaces in urban areas and form resilient collective spaces for all of us. Streets are adaptable by their ability to integrate new uses and new technologies. Now and tomorrow. Within the balance of new societal, sustainable and technological challenges and demands, street design must be redefined. In five sessions ‘The Future Design of Streets’ will be explored by various speakers from different countries. What are possible new strategies for street design? Who is using the street space? How can we design to improve streets? And, which questions are important to ask?

Streets are human spaces that are full of tales, with individual stories and collective histories. Spaces of interactions and conflicts. Spaces for cultural and economic activities. Streets are ecological spaces for flora and fauna, offering space for shade, water and space for trees and plants. Streets are spaces of mobility flows, spaces of walkable proximities and spaces of urban flows.

In this fourth edition of the Webinar Series, we will continue to open up our spectrum of views to understand and imagine the wide possibilities on Street Design. The aim is to define the future design assignment, for new streets and adaptation of existing streets, by recognising the diversity and complexity of urban life. Within a context of uncertainties and new possibilities a whole range of new street types can be re-imagined. This inquires a critical look on how we can design our streets of the future. In a series of short presentations and open talks, we will explore this through the lens of five themes: changing streets, play & sport, new/old approaches, big streets and outside suburbia.