Sustainable Heritage Management of WAterway REgions 2020

8 October - 2020 , Online

Final conference for the SWARE Interreg Europe Project

METREX Member the Metropolitan City of Milan will host the final conference of the Interreg Europe SWARE project. METREX Members are invited to attend to find out about this project, which also includes METREX Member Zuid-Holland as a partner. METREX will be represented at this conference by its Secretary General, Henk Bouwman.

The findings of the SWARE project – which stands for Sustainable heritage management of WAterway REgions – will be reported back at the upcoming Final Conference on the 8 October 2020. The Final Conference of the project will be broadcast in live streaming from Palazzo Isimbardi.

Due to the current restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the participation of stakeholders and people who contributed to the progress of the project and have an interest in the development of sustainable water tourism will be possible thanks to the live streaming on the Youtube channel of Metropolitan City of Milan.

The SWARE project strives to achieve a better balance between protection and sustainable exploitation of the valuable natural and cultural heritage in waterway regions through improving the development programmes and policies of the partner regions, based on the transfer of good practices.

Water will be the leitmotif of the agenda, the event has 2 sessions.

The first is dedicated to the goals achieved, told by the 6 countries, partners of the project, in the presence of Mr Brando Benifei, Member of the European Parliament, and a representative of the General Secretariat INTERREG EUROPE, that will develop the themes of the conference with a view to the Community policies.

In the second part, instead, with the support of a table of discussion, formed by authoritative speakers, and the prestigious contribution of the Architect Stefano Boeri, President of the Triennale di Milano, we will shift focus from the SWARE Project to Milan 2030 – from the Green Deal scenery to the opportunities of the Recovery Fund.

An analysis that, starting from strategies and programmatic context, intends to focus on the concrete opportunities for the consolidation of the role of inland waters for the cultural development, rather than economic and environmental, of Milan and neighbouring towns. The Metropolitan city of Milan, composed of 132 municipalities in addition to the capital, thanks to the network of its more than 100 km of canals has all the potential to become an important area of global development capable of serving millions of users throughout the year.

This Conference will therefore be an opportunity to bring to the attention of the general public the potential driving role of a metropolitan city in the strategic political-administrative choices able to give substance to sustainable and inclusive territorial development programs. For this reason, a representative of the METREX association has been invited to the final event of the SWARE project. To tell how European cities and metropolitan regions can positively influence the quality of life of millions of citizens.

To get more information, discover the agenda and keep updated, please visit the page dedicated to the Final Conference and follow the event on Facebook.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay