SURE Meet & Learn #8: Building an Ecosystem on data-driven asset management 2024

26 January - 2024 , Online

12:00-13:00 CET, Online

Dr Raymond Feron, Programme Manager BEPROACT, Strategic advisor digital transition, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Netherlands will join the January Meet & Learn event to talk about “BEPROACT” Building an Ecosystem to PROACTively develop data-driven asset management.

BEPROACT is a collaborative venture that brings together European partners from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands. These partners share their knowledge and experience to build an effective ecosystem for smart asset management. The project delivers3 key outcomes.

First, it aspires to initiate a digital transformation and develop an intelligent maintenance strategy for organisations and assets in North-West Europe.

Second, it involves the transnational development and application of 15 innovative solutions for 6 different types of asset systems. The objective is to extend asset lifecycles, prevent failures, create a safer working environment and promote a more sustainable approach.
And finally, it focuses on establishing a knowledge network and designing feasible, accessible training courses. Ultimately, it aims to embed the project’s results among infrastructure managers and knowledge institutions in North-West Europe.

About this event series
The SURE Eurodelta explores the development of a spatial strategy for the Eurodelta. In this series of webinar we explore best practices to boost a circular built environment within Northwest Europe.

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