SURE Meet & Learn #7: Space for Circular Economy 2023

15 December - 2023 , Online

Dr. Emil Evenhuis, PBL (Netherlands) highlighted the analysis & key lessons for the spatial policy in the circular economy in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government has stated ambitions for the economy in the Netherlands to be fully circular and fully climate neutral by 2050. However, it is still somewhat unclear what this implies and how this will/can be achieved. Moreover, there is a lack of insight into the spatial implications of these ambitions, and the role spatial policy can play in facilitating this transition. As a result, The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Institute has conducted a scenario-study, in which they have developed 4 scenarios of what a circular and climate neutral economy can look like in 2050, and the spatial implications in terms of changes in land use and locational patterns.

About this event series:

The SURE Eurodelta explores the development of a spatial strategy for the Eurodelta. In this series of webinar we explore best practices to boost a circular built environment within Northwest Europe.

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