‘Stretching Metropolitan Regions’ – International Masterclass and Workshop 2020

2 March - 2020 , Paris

Invitation to METREX and Vereniging Deltametropool masterclass and workshop

METREX Members are invited to participate and share their experiences in an upcoming masterclass and workshop helping to plan for a new Dutch law on spatial and environmental planning.

The Dutch Government is preparing a new law on (integrated) spatial and environmental planning. It is anticipated that the law will come into act in Spring 2021.

In order to sharpen the content, and to support the legal text within the additional Strategy document, a number of so-called Dialogues on the New Planning have been organised by Vereniging Deltametropool since Spring 2019.

Dutch METREX members and the METREX organisation have been involved in these earlier Dialogues, which are supported by the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment.

To further develop this scale of planning, METREX has been asked to support the next phase which is an International Masterclass and Workshop ‘Stretching Metropolitan Regions’.

This will take place on the afternoon of 2 March 2020, kindly hosted in Paris by the Institute Paris Region. We expect an interactive and explorative dialogue with different European Metropolitan Regions.

Below you will find a link with additional information regarding this meeting and the Vereniging Deltametropool. Please also let us know if you plan to attend.

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