SAH Meeting#4: Land is the key to Housing 2024

6 June 2024

SAH Meeting #4: Get-inspired session 
11:00-12:00 CET, Online

In preparation of the first SAH Workshop in Strasbourg, where we will be looking at Development Process and Land Strategies for Metropolitan Housing Affordability, we have invited financial and land management expert Theo Stauttener to present land use policies tools which are been tested in The Netherlands.

Since acknowledging the crucial role of land in housing development, the Dutch government has revolutionized land use policy by focusing on short-term direct measures to boost housing construction and financial feasibility.
In our fourth SAH meeting, Stadkwadraat partner Theo Stauttener provided valuable insights into the innovative approaches being taken in the Netherlands. Theo has discussed new policies for land value capture and the emerging up-to-date toolbox on land use policy. This session featured practice-led knowledge relevant to regional and local authorities.

About Theo Stauttener (NL)
Partner at Stadkwadraat, Theo is a Dutch expert in financial land management and development tools. He leads projects, conducts negotiations and is responsible for strategy formulation in location development. The whole can be summarized in financial management and risk management of the development of new development areas or restructuring. He also works as a lecturer in various courses and gives a number of lectures every year at the University of Utrecht.


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