Renewable Energy in Metropolitan Areas

1 December - 2022 , Online

10:00-12:00 CET, Online

The current energy crisis impacting many European countries has put a spotlight on the transition to renewable energy and current shortfalls. This webinar addresses the intersection of metropolitan land use planning and renewable energy. This means that we will not be focusing on more localised initiatives such as energy efficiency in buildings, positive energy blocks, vehicles etc – even if these are also very important. Our focus this time is on the broader energy system perspective (infrastructure, production, supply) and the challenge of how metropolitan spatial planning can support the energy transition.

William Stokman from Ruimtelijk Strateeg Provincie Noord-Holland will first present experiences from the Netherlands, looking at land use conflicts and strategies around the development of hydrogen infrastructure in the North Sea Canal District. We will then hear about a student research project on public acceptability of wind power in Denmark from University of Copenhagen.

Finally, we will co-create new ideas in smaller groups to help the Gothenburg Region in solving their current challenges in spatial planning for renewable energy: How can we better integrate spatial planning and energy planning, particularly on a metropolitan/ regional level? How do we handle conflicting interests (citizens, businesses, intermunicipal disagreements, political perspectives? What role should an already densely developed metropolitan region have in energy production?

Expert Groups are open to all Members of METREX. If you are not a member of this Expert Group, and for a link to join this meeting, please contact Liisa Perjo to find out more about joining.

Photo by Raphael Cruz on Unsplash