Productive Cities Expert Group Meeting – March 2024 2024

18 March - 2024 , Online

14:00-16:00 CET

The METREX Productive Cities Expert Group will meet again in March under the coordination of Adrian Hill to continue its exploration into making space for re-introducing production in cities.

Over the last two years the group has looked at a number of very interesting case studies in Amsterdam, in The Hague, in Oslo and in various French cities. We also looked at Manchester and the economic clustering of productive activities. A red line between these projects has involved the business models and financial tools available to public authorities to create mixed-use spaces.

To conclude the journey, we will turn to Vienna, which in 2018 launched the STEP 2025 plan which included a concept note on the productive city. In this session Michael Rosenberger will report on the experiences putting the productive city plan into action in the Austrian capital.

Link to the online meeting room:


For any question related to this event or the activities’ program of the Productive City Expert Group, please contact Viviana Rubbo