Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta 2021

17-21 May 2021

This is an invitation to all universities and research institutes in the Eurodelta, on behalf of the partners of the SURE Network, to participate in the development of the megaregion.

“Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta” is an online symposium to create a dialogue between experts practice and academia, from different generations.

A pilot program is being organised to explore the future developments for the territory of Eurodelta. The program consists of an online symposium “Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta”, open to the students, young researchers and professionals working in the field of architecture, design, urban studies, economic geography and spatial planning. The symposium will be held online due to COVID-19 restrictions in the week of the 17th – 21st May 2021.

A week-long program will be organized in different formats (lunch forums, working conference, breakout sessions, etc.) with specific themes.

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