Metropolitan Climate Challenge Expert Group – 5 October 2023 2023

5 October - 2023 , Online

Carbon sinks and land use planning

10:00-12:00 CET, Online

Carbon sinks and land use planning

The next webinar for the Metropolitan Climate Challenge Expert Group will take place on 5 October, 10-12 CET with the following topic:

According to recent data, the carbon sink targets set for the EU’s land use, land-use change and forestry sector (LULUCF) are falling short. What is the role of metropolitan areas in securing and increasing carbon sinks in the land use sector? In this webinar, we focus on the possibilities of promoting carbon sinks and storages in land use planning.

We discuss, among other things, what kind of means increase both carbon sequestration and promote adaptation to climate change. We will also hear examples of how the effects of land use on carbon sinks and storages are taken into account in regional land use planning.


How Ile-de-France is tackling the Zero Net Land Take objective
Jean Benet, Urban planner, Planning Department & Alexandra Cocquière, Lawyer, Planning Department/L’Institut Paris Region:

EU taxonomy of sustainable funding and how it is effecting land use planning and implementation
Maria Tiainen, Senior specialist /Ministry of Environment of Finland

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