METREXmonthly / Linking Urban and Inner-Alpine Green Infrastructure

22 November - 2022 , Online

Multifunctional Ecosystem Services for more liveable territories

12:30-13:30, Online

METREXmonthly is back with a talk from Città Metropolitana di Milano, leader of the Interreg Alpine Space LUIGI project.


Orchards, forests, rivers, green paths… There is a great variety of spaces connecting mountain ecosystems and urban centres. Each of these natural or semi-natural spaces, also referred as green infrastructures, brings environmental, economical and societal benefits: supply of food, water, materials, recreation areas, pollination, climate regulation. It is precisely this wide range of benefits, called ecosystem services, that LUIGI explores and intends to strengthen in alpine, rural and urban areas.

LUIGI − Linking Urban and Inner-Alpine Green Infrastructures − is a project of the European Union, approved on the fourth INTERREG V B tender of the Alpine Space Programme. It gathers 14 partners across 6 alpine countries, working together on future-oriented solutions to enhance ecosystem services and green infrastructure networks.

Photo by Viktor SOLOMONIK on Unsplash