How National Spatial Plans relate to the Metropolitan level 2022

10 February - 2022

12:00-13:30 CET, Online

Scotland’s First National Development Plan – National Planning Framework 4

Scotland’s emerging fourth national planning framework (NPF4) is set to guide spatial development, set out national planning policies, designate national developments and highlight regional spatial priorities. However, as consultation on the NPF4 begins, what is less clear is how this national plan relates to existing or emerging regional plans.

At this forthcoming METREXmonthly event we will be joined by Scottish Member Glasgow and the Clyde Valley as well as other Members to explore the coexistence of national and regional plans, and what characteristics are included to compliment both.


Glasgow City Region is Scotland’s only metropolitan area and covers a third of Scotland’s population and generates a third of its economic wealth. The area has a long and distinguished history of joint working on strategic planning dating back over 70 years.

Clydeplan is the Strategic Development Planning Authority for the Glasgow City Region whose principal role is to prepare and maintain an up to date regional land use plan. This process involves engagement through joint working and consultation with a number of key stakeholder organisations and the wider community.


Under the new Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 Scotland will, when approved by the Scottish Parliament, have its first statutory National Plan, the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4). NPF4 is currently out for consultation which closes until 31st March 2022.

The Scottish Development Plan system

The Development Plan system in Scotland will now comprise the NPF and the Local Development Plan with regional plans having no statutory weight.

Planning Policy

Scottish Planning Policy which used to be a separate document is now incorporated in NPF4 as the ‘National Planning Policy Handbook’.

NPF4 Weblink to NPF4


Sandeep Shingadia
Director of Development and Delivery, Transport for West Midlands


Stuart Tait
Manager, Clydeplan

Ignacio de la Puerta Rueda
Director for Territorial Planning, Urbanism and Urban Regeneration, Basque Government

Pasi Rajala
Head of Strategic Urban Planning, City of Helsinki

Emiel Reiding
Director, Metropoolregio Amsterdam (MRA)