METREX Spring Conference 2020

31 March - 3 April 2020

We are very excited to announce that the Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (AML) will host the METREX Spring 2020 Conference, which will commence on Tuesday 31st March 2020 and link with the Urban Future Global Conference.

On that day the AML will introduce their work on Mobility and Climate Change Adaptations, on which the AML has made great progress. We will also discuss the role that the AML has taken in developing policies to address these two key areas, but also what role it will take in delivering results. We will bring in other metropolitan regions to present their approaches and then reflect.

Urban Future Global Conference 2020

The conference will coincide with the Urban Future Global Conference 2020 (UFGC2020) that formally starts on 1 April. The themes of that conference will be Mobility, Water, Districts and Leadership.

To tie in with the UFGC2020, METREX aims to organise sessions on Districts (discussing ways to anticipate possible developments and how to engage people) and Leadership (the future role of authorities and exemplar new initiatives). We will also organise a session on Urban-Rural, which will link to the Urban-Rural Partnership conference in Leipzig November 2020.

The outline of the UFGC2020 will be announced at the end of November. METREX members will have free access to all UFGC2020 sessions and are encouraged to put forward proposals for sessions!

METREX Conference programme overview

31 March: METREX Conference – Lisbon Day
1 April: METREX at the UFGC2020
2 April: METREX Expert / Network Groups + UFGC2020
3 April: UFGC2020

We will issue further details regarding this conference and booking details very soon.

Image of Lisbon by TeeFarm via Pixabay