METREX Expert Groups Video Calls 2020

30 March 2020 , Online

As our METREX Lisbon conference is postponed, we offer the opportunity for the Expert Groups to meet via videocall on Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams, it is an online workspace for collaboration, which includes a video conference feature like Skype but also space to store and share documents. METREX has a subscription and therefore we can host an individual space for each of the Expert Groups. It could therefore prove useful for the future of the Expert Groups.

How an Expert Group video conference might work

Virtual meetings are different from ‘live meetings’ and can be more tiring for participants and more difficult to follow and maintain concentration. We therefore propose that you plan a tighter structure to the meetings and to keep them brief. We suggest it is better to have a couple of one-hour meetings with some ‘desk work’ in between, rather than to have one long meeting via streaming.

The following schedule is proposed for Monday 30 March

10:00-12:00 (CET) Nordic network

12:30-13:45 (CET) From roads to streets

12:00-13:00 (CET) Governance

14:00-15:00 (CET) Metropolitan landscapes

16-17 SURE network


If you would like to join one of the groups, please let Stephen Gallagher know on