METREX expert group on Metropolitan Landscapes – balancing the urban and rural 2021

1 July - 2021

The In-Between Areas, building partnerships and support local rural communities

12:00-14:00 CEST, Online

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In the workshop at our Nurnberg Conference, we discussed the importance of strengthening the position of rural areas, by further developing tailored economic activities, like growing food for the region. The EU from Farm to Fork policies do support this, but how can we help local rural communities to make use of such support?

There are various EU initiatives that help setting up regional programmes to better access the overarching policies and their funds, like the ‘EU Leader programme’.

And, we have asked Mouans-Sartoux, who presented in Nurnberg on their Biocanteens project, to explain the next round of that particular programme.

But there is also work done in understanding better the way to change perceptions that people in both urban and rural areas have of the ‘in between areas’. And with people we mean everyone from authorities, institutions, business sector and citizens – consumers.

In this expert group we will also be updated on the ESPON project IMAGINE, which is very much about how rural areas are perceived. We will also see an interesting approach from ANCI Liguria, a new METREX member-observer, who have been focussing on the ‘In-Between’ areas in the Liguria region.

This Expert group meeting aims to look at ways to:

  • better exchange and collaborate on common issues around the Urban-Rural agenda,
  • organise support on our issues by the scientific community,
  • better position ourselves for European programmes and funding, in collaboration with Eurocities,
  • a shared agenda for the next meetings.

The Expert group is planned Thursday 1 July, 12:00 – 14:00 hrs with time for presentations and exchange! Further details will follow soon

Programme expert group 1 July, 12:00 – 14:00 hrs CEST

Times in CEST

Opening and introduction, Henk Bouwman, METREX
Current and upcoming EU policies

Lessons from Nürnberg – Farm to Fork and its EU policy framework, Dr Christa Standecker Nürnberg Region

Second funding round of Biocanteens (Mouans-sartoux, Thibaud Lallane

Discussion how to proceed and feed-back to EU policies, in collaboration with the Eurocities WG on their note “Eurocities contribution to the debate on the future of rural areas”, (in progress).

Presentation of the ‘In Between Areas Approach’ by ANCI Liguria, Michela Vecchia

Presentation of the ESPON IMAGINE project conclusions by Valeria Fideli, Politecnico di Milano

Conclusions and next agenda