METREX at #WUF11: Poland Special Session: Rebuilding Communities and Neighbourhoods After War 2022

28 June - 2022

13:30-15:30 CET

METREX Managing Committee Member Łukasz Medeksza and Secretary General Henk Bouwman take part in a panel on post-conflict challenges

The war in Ukraine, the refugee crisis in Poland and in other countries hosting refugees from Ukraine, as well as natural disasters affecting various parts of the world, show how important the human aspect is in the social and economic recovery of post-conflict areas. Huge losses in housing infrastructure, rapid impoverishment of the population and mass migrations cause loss of stability that in the long-term may lead to a slowdown or even the end of the recovery process.

This session will reflect on how to involve organizations and institutions in the rebuilding process. In addition to expert discussions, it will be an opportunity to hear from cities that have experienced conflicts and natural disasters.

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