METREX and URBAN Intergroup: A Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050

21 January - 2022

21 January 2022, 09:00-11:00 CET, Online

A Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050 – Resilient urban and rural transformation for a climate neutral future

METREX and the URBAN Intergroup at the European Parliament invite you to a forthcoming event to explore the formation of a Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050.

At the European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) conference in Porto last November, EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, called upon Metropolitan Regions and Cities to come forward with proposals to address the urgent challenge of establishing a resilient and climate neutral Europe by 2050.

Just a month prior to this, during the EU Week of Regions, METREX members shared exemplar projects that are already beginning to address this challenge.

To further showcase the important role of Metropolitan Regions and Cities in addressing this challenge, METREX has taken the initiative to answer Ms. Ferreira’s call by proposing a common Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050. The Vision will include investment propositions and all relevant stakeholders in the field; we see the URBAN Intergroup at the European Parliament as an essential partner to establish this vision.

What is the situation?

Metropolitan Regions are at the centre of many complex integrated systems including energy networks, transport and mobility, land use, construction and renovation, the circular economy, education and healthcare, production and consumption – and more. For a successful and balanced green transition, these systems must change simultaneously.

Ms. Ferreira has highlighted mechanisms that can support Metropolitan Regions and Cities to achieve the necessary change:

  • Using the Post-Pandemic recovery funds to improve the resilience of metropolitan areas.
  • The new Cohesion programmes.
  • The New European Bauhaus.
  • The European Urban Initiative funding innovative actions.

And besides these mechanisms, the continuation of the Urban Agenda (multilevel governance cooperation), with a focus on the green and digital transition, will also help to learn from each other.

With their oversight of these complex integrated systems, Metropolitan Regions and Cities can become situational leaders that inspire and help accelerate a green transition that is synchronised across Europe.

This event is our first step towards a Metropolitan Vision for Europe 2050. It will build on a workshop hosted during the European Week of Regions and Cities and, we hope, mark the start of a continuing collaboration between METREX and the URBAN Intergroup.

This meeting is open to members of the URBAN Intergroup, all MEPs and all Members of METREX. It will take place online (Zoom) on Friday 21 January 2022.


The event is moderated by Henk Bouwman, Secretary-General of METREX

09:00 Opening
Opening by the METREX President, Jakub Mazur
Introduction from Jan Olbrycht, Chairman, URBAN Intergroup

09:15 Lessons from the METREX Session at the EU Week of Regions – the strategic approaches from participating METREX Members

09:40 Key points a Metropolitan Vision
Łukasz Medeksza, Wrocław, and Member of the METREX Managing Committee

10:00 Discussion
With Members of the Urban Intergroup / Members of European Parliament

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Digitalisation

11:00 Conclusions and Close

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