Looking back: Nürnberg Conference 2021

18 March - 2021 , Online

Part of the METREXmonthly series

What learning can we can take forward from the Nürnberg conference?

With the Farm-to-Fork strategy, the EU wants to create a sustainable EU agricultural system for “greener and healthier” food and sees cities and regions as key players in this aim.

The METREX Conference, hosted by Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and integrated with the BIOFACH eSpecial, sought to ask some important questions about how this can be achieved. What opportunities do the EU’s farm-to-fork and food strategy offer cities, municipalities and rural districts? How can the EU level and the municipal/regional level be interlinked?

At this event we heard remarks from:

  • Dr. Stephan Bartke, Stadt-Land-Plus
  • Dr. Werner Ebert, NÜRNBERG — DIE BIOMETROPOLE, CEO Organic Cities Network
  • Dr.-Ing. Uwe Ferber, StadtLand GmbH
  • Jakub Mazur, President of METREX
  • Dr. Patricia Schläger-Zirlik, Nuremburg Metropolitan Region
  • Claudio Serafini, Managing Director of Organic Cities Network Europe

Cooperation was a key theme that threaded through all of the contributions, we with urban-rural cohesion seen as a defining factor in the ability to close gaps in the chain of farm-to-fork.

METREX President Jakub Mazur spoke of the positive impact that the conference had on sustainable food production in Wrocław, which took inspiration from the case studies presented at the conference.

The outcome of the meeting was to make use of the METREX Expert Group, Metropolitan Landscapes, to look at issues of farm-to-fork policies, with the aim to take the subject to policymakers at the EU level.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Gallagher.