Launch of the Manifesto for Metropolitan Partnerships 2023

8 November - 2023 , Brussels

Accelerating on a greener, more just and competitive Europe

Breakfast Event
08:00-10:00 (starting promptly at 08:30)
European Parliament Building, Brussels

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Welcome from Host: Jan Olbrycht MEP, President, The Urban Intergroup at the European Parliament

Welcome by Jakub Mazur, President, METREX and First Deputy Mayor, Wrocław

Presentations by

Łukasz Medeksza, METREX Managing Committee and Deputy Director of the Strategy and City Development Department, Municipality of Wrocław
Arianna Censi, Councilor, City of Milan and member of the Committee of Regions (video)
Stelian Bujduveanu, Deputy Mayor, Bucharest (video)
František Kubeš, City of Brno and leader of Eurocities Working
Group for Metropolitan Governance

Debate and discussion
Moderation: Fabienne Keller MEP, Vice President, Urban

Marco Griguolo, Councillor, Metropolitan City of Milan
Gianina Panatau, Director, Bucharest Metropolitan Area
Robert van Asten, Deputy Mayor, The Hague
Markku Markkula MEP, President of the Helsinki Uusimaa Region
Jakub Mazur, First Deputy Mayor, Wrocław
Marcos Ros MEP, Member of European Parliament and Socialists coordinator for REGI Committee
Andrey Novakov MEP, Member of EU Parliament

Conclusion by Jan Olbrycht MEP

A Manifesto for Metropolitan Partnerships

Rethinking Europe’s institutional framework is essential if we are to accelerate to more resilient, greener, just and better-connected communities. It’s time to grow Metropolitan Partnerships in Europe.

On behalf of METREX and our partners, please join us to mark the launch of the Manifesto for Metropolitan Partnerships, taking place in the European Parliament on 8 November 2023.

METREX is a non-profit network of over 50 European metropolitan regions and areas, representing over 120 million European citizens, established in 1996 to exchange expertise and concrete solutions to Europe’s big issues.

Over the past 12-months, we have worked with numerous stakeholders to develop a manifesto that calls on the European Union and Member states to recognise and collaborate formally with the metropolitan and regional level. This, we believe, will be a defining and positive moment in our common quest towards a more resilient, sustainable, and prosperous Europe.

Our program will represent and diversity of metropolitan regions and areas by giving voice to both urban and rural settings, with our audience comprising political and technical representative.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us in Brussels to support the Manifesto and help us bring it to the attention of key stakeholders in the European Commission.

Help us spread the word!

Please consider individuals or organisations that might be interested to attend and support the Manifesto. This might be your political representatives or indeed if you have day-to-day representation in Brussels.