Health Expert Group Meeting 2021

23 September - 2021

13:30-15:00 – next meeting

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As the Covid-19 pandemic lingers on, be it in a world where vaccinations offer the hope we’ll be able to meet each other face-to-face very soon, our health and that of our loved ones and colleagues has never been so important to us.

Our world is rapidly changing, confronting us with the way we live and how this is impacting our environment and that of others.

As we discovered and discussed in the two previous Expert Group Meetings, Health and Wellbeing are, though important and ‘everywhere’ in our work, difficult subjects to grasp or crisply define in their relationship to Metropolitan Development.

We discussed its complexity, being linked to, and influenced by, multiple factors. We discussed it’s multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary characteristics, and the priority it is given in the different metropolitan areas.

A study by the Building Research Establishment Trust (BRE) into ways of delivering Health-outcomes by built-environment policy makers and professionals may prove to be answering the difficulties we discussed and respects the complexity of the matter at hand. Not only does the research deliver a list of 10 categories that drive Health-outcomes, it also provides the indicators and the ‘Complex-systems’ framework that offers a method for analysis of outcome.

Here is a link to the research article:

We propose to discuss the article in our next EG meeting, exchange perspectives on the findings and discuss how we move forward with the EG in 2022.

This meeting is aimed at METREX Members. Members are welcome to join the Expert Group at any time and do not need to have attended any previous meetings.